Invest in Your Team With Our Employee Training Programs ​

Our innovative employee training programs empower your team to communicate and collaborate effectively which boosts productivity, retention, and morale.

Communication & People Skills

Tact, influence, diplomacy, professionalism, written and verbal communication skills, being assertive, and more!

Unconscious Bias & Emotional Intelligence

Tact, influence, diplomacy, professionalism, written and verbal communication skills, being assertive, and more!

Diversity & Inclusion Beyond Ethnicity

Our unique training delves into gender, sexuality, ageism, neurodiversity, politics, religion, generational gaps & more.

Workplace Foundations for New Hires

Communication best practices, asking for help, giving and receiving feedback, self-awareness, and generation gaps.

Conscious Leadership

Managing difficult conversations, negotiation, compromise, emotional intelligence, empathy, vision and goal-setting.

Driving Sustainable Change

Change management as you’ve never seen it expanded to include critical thinking, innovation, and conscious leadership.

Job Readiness for Special Needs & Re-Entry

Resume development, how to job hunt using LinkedIn, interview practice, what NOT to say, resilience and confidence.

Here are a few of our Coaches and Trainers:
We have a roster of Over 50 Others!

Loralyn Mears

Communication: elevate your career with improved communication & interpersonal relationship skills.

Luz Gonzalez

Tuning Your EQ: we hear a lot about “Emotional Intelligence” – here are tips to build your EQ skills. Learn how to "read the room."

Poonam Gole

Getting Unstuck: uncover what's holding you back, where and why you're stuck so that you can move forward in the right direction.

Bob Russo

Coaching tips for everyday life: Skills that will make your life easier to live. Practical, no-nonsense ideas that work.

Not ready for all this? Go month-to-month in our Success Academy

At STEERus, we believe that a well-trained workforce is the secret sauce for success. Our employee training programs are designed to unleash the full potential of your team, equipping them with the superpowers of effective communication and seamless collaboration.

Watch as productivity soars, retention rates skyrocket, and morale reaches new heights.

Don't just invest in training; invest in the future of your organization and get ready to witness the transformation.

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