Workplace violence is increasing and 25% employees have quit because the workplace is toxic - they need training

Why are Workplaces so TOXIC?

Workplaces are not only becoming more toxic – they are becoming more violent, too – with the number of rapes, aggravated assault charges and murders dramatically increasing year-over-year. Learn the 7 Types of Poison that make a workplace toxic and 3 tips on how to make your workplace more inclusive and hence, less toxic.

Quiet quitting can kill corporate culture, productivity, and revenues. These are the question to ask in an interview to identify quiet quitting before it happens. Interview questions.

Interview Questions That Help You Detect Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting is bad for business. It kills productivity and can negatively impact corporate culture. But how do you know if a job candidate will soon be “quitting quietly” after you hire them? Ask these seven interview questions. These are the answers and questions to ask in an interview to identify those with the potential for quiet quitting.

Organizations are facing challenges with productivity, communication, collaboration, soft skills, and leadership. Professional development and employee training can make all the difference.

Quiet Quitting is Killing Productivity

In our previous blog, you read that businesses in the USA are losing close to $ 500 billion on their employees’ tendency to embrace quiet quitting. These employees are leaving to take other jobs. Gallup cites retention losses by American businesses at over $1 trillion.

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