Productivity has Tanked. Can you Afford to do NOTHING?

Boot productivity, reduce costs, decrease workplace toxicity, and get your team to show up motivated.

Productivity has Left the Office!

Gallup study shows $8.8 TRILLION in annual losses worldwide

US Labor Market study: productivity is the lowest recorded in 75 years.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Today’s Teams are DYSFUNCTIONAL.

A lack of clarity, remote work, personality conflicts, no trust, not sharing info, and competing agendas are plaguing teamwork.

Teamwork? Nope. It’s All About ME…

A study by HBR found that 75% of cross-functional teams are DYSFUNCTIONAL.

Two Rutgers University studies showed that bad leaders & bad habits corrupt the whole organization.

Communication is Broken in Your Workplace. Let’s Fix it.

With remote work, multi-generational differences, and info overload, “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate!”

Poor Communication is Costing You More Than You Think

$1.2 Trillion in annual losses due to poor communication

50% people dislike communicating with co-workers

Does Communication With Your Team Look Like This?

Remote Work is Hurting Communication & People Skills

Email & text is 34x more likely to be misunderstood than face-to-face

Communication among co-workers is declining 25% per year

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Why STEERus?

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soft skills resilience professional development

Communication Breakdown

With remote work, we’re communicating 25% less often.  Our emails and chats are 34x less effective than our face-to-face interactions. 

So, if you’re working from home and not talking to your co-workers in the office, how are you building your communication and interpersonal relationship skills?


Become a Triple Threat

We know you’re an expert in all things tech, but what about all things people? Upgrade your soft skills and join our communication and relationship skills training program. Impress your future boss and become the office rock star. It’s time to shine, and we’re here to help. 

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We spend HALF of each workday communicating with each other – so why is it still so challenging for us?

USA Annual Losses Attributed to Poor Communication

*Harris Report 2022

Workers dislike how their co-workers communicate.

*Slack & OnePoll 2022

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~Dr. Goldsmith is the pioneer of the executive coaching industry and the world’s #1 executive coach

“Today’s students aren’t being instructed on these essential skills, yet they are expected to thrive Day 1 at their first internship or job. In support of our next generation of leaders, I have offered to donate my complete body of work, accumulated through decades of coaching executives, to STEERus.”


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