Organizations are facing challenges with productivity, communication, collaboration, soft skills, and leadership. Professional development and employee training can make all the difference.

Quiet Quitting is Killing Productivity

In our previous blog, you read that businesses in the USA are losing close to $ 500 billion on their employees’ tendency to embrace quiet quitting. These employees are leaving to take other jobs. Gallup cites retention losses by American businesses at over $1 trillion.

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What We Can Learn From the “Snowflakes”

Are you discounting Gen Z as a generation too steeped in wokism with “no idea” of how the real-world works, dismissing them as “snowflakes” who melt with a little bit of heat and flake out whenever you ask them to do something?

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Five Trends on the Future of Work

On the flipside, employees are likely to struggle finding acceptance with how intense and involved it is to reinvent ourselves repeatedly, over and over. It can be exhausting. It’s one thing to decide to make a dramatic change, but it’s quite another to have to execute that change, keep up with it, and then do it again. And again. For many people, it’s going to be really challenging because the majority don’t like change; they struggle with adaptability and resilience.

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Putting People First: The Soft Skills Approach to Winning Others Over

HR has one of the toughest jobs in the world today; tasked with recruiting in the midst of a raging war on talent as well well as being accountable for employee engagement and retention. That’s a tall order. Treating people like humans is one way to make a dent in the awful HR statistics that are commonplace today. The Great Reboot is a playbook on how to win the war on talent.

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