We are here to help HISD level the playing field. It all begins with enrichment services, tutoring, mentoring, and more. All of us are looking forward to making a difference for Houston students, teachers, administrators – and parents.

~STEERus founder, Loralyn Mears, PhD

Estamos aquí para ayudar a HISD a nivelar el campo de juego. Todo comienza con servicios de enriquecimiento, tutoría, tutoría y más. Todos esperamos marcar una diferencia para los estudiantes, maestros, administradores y padres de Houston.

HISD Approved Vendor #106274

Solutions for High Schools and Middle Schools

STEERus has many business partners who all share in our mission to uplevel youth and prepare them for life and work.

STEERus tiene muchos socios comerciales que comparten nuestra misión de mejorar el nivel de los jóvenes y prepararlos para la vida y el trabajo.

Substance Abuse

Identify the warning signs, deliver a prevention curriculum, and offer intervention when it’s needed.

Enrichment Services

From college and career planning to workplace readiness, interviewing, mental wellness, writing a resume, and preparing a job or college application, we’ve got it!

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Our animated role-plays offer real life situations with real people to teach SEL based on the CASEL standards.


We tutor in math, English, chemistry, and other core subjects Grades 7-12 to close the academic gap.

Digital Tools

We have a gamified eLearning platform, behavioral assessments, visual resume, digital portfolio management tool & more.


We offer access to role models to enable career discovery and positive influences via our Discord server and Pop-up Chat.

Special Education

We teach self-advocacy and offer inspirational workshops to motivate students on how to overcome challenges.

We Offer Services Like This …

Our services are virtual only for Grades 7-12

Lessons are offered in 15; 30; 45; 60; 90 minutes 1x or multi-week

Mentors are available virtually at select times

Algunos servicios se ofrecen en Español; por favor pregunte

We are ready! Let’s make a difference TOGETHER.

¡Estamos listos! Hagamos la diferencia JUNTOS.

QUESTIONS?    Sarah@steerus.co

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