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Students are Craving Human Interaction.

They’ve learned to be independent.
To teach themselves.
But they can’t figure it ALL out without support

We agree that Google and YouTube are awesome tools to learn stuff, it’s just that view count doesn’t equate with curated. And who do you contact if you have a question? It’s not like anyone ever replies to the comments.

So now, let's explore our interactive Soft Skills Academy and discover how to effectively navigate and utilize our platform.

Training Doesn’t Have to be One-Size-Fits-All

MOOCs like Linkedin Learning, Udemy, etc. offer general courses, one video after another. Our modularized and gamified content has been designed for the way that Gen Z learns with the principles of executive coaching and SEL
(Social Emotional Learning) baked in.

An assessment can inform a personalized learning experience which includes a custom curriculum plus pairing with a success coach.

Learn From Experts – and Each Other

Community Learning has been shown to improve retention, broaden the experience, boost academic success, develop interpersonal skills, and foster meaningful relationships. (Purdue University research 2021)

Why should training be boring?

It shouldn’t be! That’s why we’ve partnered with 1huddle, with results that show 45% greater retention than content learned on leading MOOCs. We offer numerous games, interactive quizzes, skill-checks, and even some games on Alexa to make those lessons learned stick.

Need help?

Our Virtual Pop-up Chat Coach is a human – not a bot – that you can text with. Need more help? Book a 1:1 teleconf session.

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