Developing Life Skills to Navigate a Cancel Culture

We can’t predict the future. Behaviors and trends that are common today may not meet tomorrow’s needs. But we can get coaching now to help us navigate situations that are sensitive, delicate and may have repercussions down the road.

This is a cancel culture and you don’t want to be CANCELLED, do you?

We certainly don’t.

It’s not that we get everything right. Even life coaches and business coaches make decisions in their own lives that they later learn didn’t serve them. But we/they don’t always see the potential err of our/their ways upfront. Those lessons only come with time and experience, not to mention “work.” 

In this case, when coaches talk about “doing the work,” they are referring to the self-awareness and internal reflection that YOU do, privately, alone with your thoughts. Only you can make the decision that’s right for you. Coaches don’t make the decisions for you nor do they do the work for you. YOU have to do it. And, when it comes to making decisions about jobs and careers, doing the work becomes even more critical.

Some of the cancel culture examples are pretty easy to understand, like mocking someone’s ethnic background or religion or sexual identity. Or going off on other patrons in a restaurant because you feel entitled and “special” compared to the other guests. However, some of the examples are more subtle and harder to understand until you take a closer look.

Avoiding Cancel Culture: Why Soft Skills Matter More Than Ever

At the heart of many of these cancel culture examples you’ll find the critical soft skills (power skills!) like communication, racial and gender consciousness, teamwork and others. Had the individual(s) involved spent a little time with coaches who could have identified “blind spots” and coached their clients on how to navigate tricky scenarios and how to overcome bad behaviors, it’s possible that these people (or their programs) would not have been cancelled.

Doing the Work: Taking Responsibility for Personal and Professional Development

Here at STEERus we believe that everyone can learn – but only if they’re willing to put in the work. While some behaviors require extended life coaching or business coaching to see an improved outcome, you can begin making changes in your life with “micro-burst” coaching and navigation sessions. Our Coaching Capsules are designed to be consumed in about 15 minutes and we set you up with workbooks and exercises (yup, that’s the “work” we mentioned) and recommended reading. Follow-ups with 1:1 private coaching sessions (even as little as 15 min can make a difference) or group coaching sessions can help you navigate your personal and professional development.

If you’re highly self-aware, you may be able to recognize your own blind spots (we all have them, they’re there!). To make corrections and to start training for a “cancel culture,” you may want to think about how you can start developing important life skills now so that you’re better prepared for whatever the future has in store. These may include effective communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, and emotional intelligence, among others. By actively working on these areas, you can build your resilience and adaptability, which will be invaluable assets in navigating the challenges of life.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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